Sunday mornings

The best laid plans of mice and men…

So goes the great ides of starting to blog again. But without further ruminations about creative discipline, I only want to talk about Sunday mornings.

I’m sitting in my home away from home, Red Rock Coffee, that my church ( bought in August as a way of giving something back to the community. The reasons behind this are the source of another blog, but suffice it to say I’ve come to enjoy being here on a regular basis during my stint as a professional job seeker. Kind of a Cheers w/ caffeine instead of alcohol being the drug of choice.

I’m here on a Sunday morning instead of my usual church haunts, due to a morning airport trip to pick up a friend coming back from Japan. The Mt. View farmers market is going on one block away, and the place is alive with people picking up the fresh produce, flowers, breads, and other goodies available directly from the growers and/or makers. If not for the folks sitting in here with their laptops, iPods, and high-tech strollers, I could easily imagine this as being the small farm town it was 40 years ago.

Sunday mornings seem to be distinctly different from any other morning, including Sat. morning. The Sunday paper lures people to longer bouts of reading, the hangovers from Sat. night slow people down as they gradually let the caffeine seep into their tired bones, families seem to be a bit tighter after already spending a day together. It’s like the world takes a collective sigh. And I like it.

Life is good. Having a job would make it a little bit better…

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