A New Step

Okay, now that I’ve been shamed into converting my Vietnam blog into a regular blog by my two Uncles, I’m finally getting back to blog land.

I’d like to say that I’m now a productive member of society, but the reality is that I’m still deep within a job search. It seems that the corporate world doesn’t value small business ownership, so I find myself overqualified for entry level positions and without the corporate pedigree to get through the recruiter screens for a manager job. But, I’m still solvent and I’m putting my time off to good use, expanding my social community, helping the Red Rock Café get off the ground (www.redrockcoffee.com), and getting my physical and emotional health back.

I look forward to sharing more of my deliberate journey through life on these pages, and hope that I can have the discipline of my Uncles!

Categories: Community, Deep Thoughts

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  1. I had nothing to do with it, in fact I had to rely on my brother to tell me you were blogging again. Glad to have you back on board.

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere!
    Frankly, I wish I could meet you at Phuong Nam in an hour and share a sihnto – – or maybe a cafe sua down by the Song Huong.
    I’m looking forward to your posts. I think you are on a more difficult journey than I am right now – but I am glad you are sharing it with the world.

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