Not sure why I’m posting again. So much drama and stress has been going on in our lives over the last six months, and while I have written many posts on my head, none have made them to the screen.

However, I want to write about free stuff today. We are at the end of a three day child-free weekend, with Evie down at cousin camp.

On Friday night, we took advantage of that freedom and went out to a local bar to listen to some music. Free, of course. We enjoyed the music and the venue, potentially our new favorite place, but the most important part was when we won free tickets to a concert today.

The concert is at Fontenal, a part of Nashville we have never visited, and after arriving and listening to the first set, we wandered over to the winery. The servers were wonderful and we enjoyed some interesting local wines. Nothing stood out, but at the end we were told the tasting, normally $5, was, you guessed it, free.

With the sun starting to lose intensity, we headed back to the amphitheatre for more music. We found a grassy spot to lay down, but were soon offered space on a blanket that wasn’t being used.

Free weekend, free concert, free wine, free blanket.

All of this happening on a weekend where we remember the people who have sacrificed to keep us free. Thank you all, past, present and future.

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