Yes, It Is All About Me

I’ve lived most of my life shying away from birthdays and anything else that focuses on me. I inherited a serving attitude from my parents, though whether it is nature or nurture I will never know. Putting other people first just comes naturally, and it actually makes me feel good. I’m that guy who walks into the kitchen at work and cleans up after other employees. I’m the one that scrapes the ice off my wife’s windows in the morning. I’m the one that randomly throws newspapers closer to doors during my morning walks. I’m the one that always busses my own table at restaurants.

So that has always made birthdays uncomfortable. I have a problem being served, but I am lucky to have a wife who has shown me a more excellent way. ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE LOVED.

Today is my birthday, and for the first time in my life I actually am enjoying the fact that it is all about me today. I received very kind and loving words from my wife and my sister, words that I used to scoff at and devalue. But I soaked them up today. My mom, just like Old Faithful, called me in the morning and sang happy birthday to me, just like she has done for every birthday of my life. This time, instead of minimizing it, I let it shower over me.

At work, I excitedly affirmed the Happy Birthdays thrown my way, embracing the attention and allowing others to be happy for me. Tonight at our home group, I enjoyed two renditions of Happy Birthday, a birthday cake, and home baked birthday cookies. In case you are wondering, the second rendition of Happy Birthday was when one of the kids was in the bathroom during the first rendition and he promptly broke down in tears knowing he had missed out. So we sang again. And toasted. I liked it!

So yes, today is all about me and don’t you forget it. Tomorrow will be back to normal, but I’ll start building anticipation for the next time it is all about me.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Paul! You do deserve a day of being served and pampered, I know how much you do and tell Kymberlee all the time how lucky she is to have a husband like you! XOXO

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