Getting High With My Daughter

We all seem to have those moments in childhood when we think we are so darn clever. The highlight of my memories was in seventh grade, sitting on the front porch of our house, thinking about hiking. Yes, I was a precocious hiker. Somewhere out of the blue, the phrase “Get high, climb a mountain” bounced into my head and I claimed it as my first brilliant branding campaign.

So for my daughter’s sixth birthday, I was tickled when she wanted to have it at the local climbing gym. I couldn’t resist turning the opportunity into a questionable blog title or creating a GIF that reflects it.

Evie and Paul ClimbIt was actually a great time watching all the kids gradually warming up and getting over their fear of heights. Some took to it immediately.

2014-10-11 at 09-31-25

Some didn’t. But in the end all had climbed up almost all the way to the top, quite an impressive feat for some of the younger ones.

I climbed to make sure the only boy didn’t feel too awkward. He ended up doing extremely well and I hope he’ll remember it fondly. We accidentally were wearing matchie matchie Keen sandals. Karma.

2014-10-11 at 09-11-47

All the kids made it a great day, and my parents came up and brought one of her cousins, so Evie was extremely happy!

Maybe next year we’ll do the shooting range. BBs of course.

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  1. That brings back fond memories. We did a climbing bday party for Michael when he was about 9. I’m impressed that Evie did so well at age 6. Do I see ecotourist adventures in her future?

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