Just Like the TV Show Nashville, But Better

For those who have seen the TV show, you’d think everyone in Nashville plays the guitar, writes music, and has a front porch. Well, sometimes truth is close to fiction.

We had a songwriter friend Scott Stepakoff throw a Porch Party recently, and it was just what you’d expect. Several sets of different artists plugged into the simple sound system and played all afternoon from the front porch. The first set was our host and his band of fellow songwriters that sometimes play together here in Nashville as The Placeholders. It’s always amazing to hear the pure talent that comes from singer/songwriters playing their own tunes. Here’s their song Hometowns Don’t Grow on Trees.

2014-09-13 at 14-55-48

What followed were more friends, filling the stage – I mean the porch – with good music. We had many of our friends there, and for those of you with a good memory, this was the porch party that the famous kitten hijacked.

2014-09-13 at 16-29-16

Being that this was in the South, it was a potluck and was filled with home cooked food and craft brewed beer. They had a sitter for the kids out back, so it was that perfect blend of community and music that makes Nashville such a great place to be. Thanks Scott and Jody for making this happen!


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  1. Loved the song “Hometowns Don’t Grow on Trees”! Those are some pretty cool neighbors to have, and is exactly what my impression of Nashville is, having never been there myself. Hoping we can remedy that soon and pay you guys a visit.

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