In The Present, Looking Forward

How many times have I been told “They grow up too fast?” I seem to be different from most folks, because I tend to always look at people, places, and situations years in the future. Sometimes it is worry, sometimes it is curiosity, and sometimes it is simply dreaming. My wife is much better at staying in the present and it is an area we balance each other on.

Today was the first daddy adventure day in a long time. We went to a local nature center to go salamander hunting.

2014-09-20 10.44.24While the ranger was explaining about salamanders at the beginning, I snapped this picture of Evie.

2014-09-20 10.13.57I sent it off to Kymberlee in a message and she commented on how mature she looks, almost like a young woman. Maybe it was just the big chair…. I made the comment at dinner tonight that she would be driving in 10 years. These are the things that help me appreciate the here and now.

I thought about this tonight as I was cleaning up some files on my computer. I saw the videos that I had for Evie for use on our iPads and phones when we are traveling – Little Einsteins, Angelina Ballerina, Dora. I realized that she doesn’t watch those shows anymore, that she has moved on.

So tonight, when it was my turn to cuddle with her as she went to sleep, I didn’t mind that my arm was trapped by her grip. As I listened to her breathing slow and the little snoring noises start, I just let my arm get squeezed for 10 minutes before attempting to extricate myself from her snuggle.

I’m here and now.

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