So Many Themes, So Little Time

You may have noticed a change here. I’ve changed my blog theme! Why am I doing this? Great question, multiple answers. 

  1. The hyperlinks on my old theme were too subtle. Hardly anyone clicked on them. This theme treats them much better, so all that hard work I put into finding interesting links will pay off.
  2. I’m always wanting to learn something, so I wanted to learn more about the themes available, how they’re different, and what is the best fit for how I use my blog.
  3. I’m a closet design and user interface nerd. I love design and how it affects our perceptions and interactions. I’ve had several comments from blog readers about certain interactions being difficult, so I’m using this change as a test. If I told you exactly what I’m testing, it wouldn’t be a fair test…
  4. I’ve lived in the same place for two years and this is one way I can get some excitement about change.

Let me know what you think!

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