Home Alone – Day 4

I’ll call this one a Monster of a day. Rode my bike to work and enjoyed getting home with nowhere to be. So I put in a pizza, turned on the tube, and went through my movies to see what I wanted to watch that Kymberlee wouldn’t. I enjoy a bit more of intense movies than Kymberlee, resulting in our movie date nights being rom coms or biographies.

I have two main categories that I watch without her. The first is art flicks, movies far from the mainstream but make me think. The second is mainstream movies from the past that I need to catch up on, especially ones that are noteworthy for directing, acting, or impact. We’re talking movies like Scenes From a Marriage, Tin Men, and Monster.

Tonight I watched Monster (trailer here) and it was a very hard movie to watch. The violence, the despair, the emptiness coupled with hope and love, the realities of life that is hard, unfair, and unjust.

For the first time in my life, I doubted the value of putting these types of scenes in my mind. It definitely has made me think, but I wonder if it is positive or negative thinking. This comes as a shock to my normally open-minded perspective on life, so I sit here and wonder if having children makes it harder to be reminded of the evil in this world. I don’t have the answer.

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