Home Alone – Day 2

Early morning, 6:15 departure. Forgot to include Doodle feeding, pills, and inhaler in my logistical planning. OK, 6:20 departure. Crap, forgot to pack a lunch. Work from 6:45 to 4:00. Must get home to pick up Kym’s car from mechanic, let the Dood out, feed the Dood, get mail, and talk to Kymberlee before leaving for 5:30 biz meeting. Get home again at 7:15. Crap, forgot to stop at Walgreens. Crap, forgot that fridge is empty and that I need to make a grocery run. Neighbors invite me over for beer. OK says the easily-influenced bachelor. Get home at 9:00. Do a 5 minute house project to feel justified before checking email and writing blog post. Remember that tomorrow I have 8:00am meeting, 5:00pm agency open house, 7:30 concert. Have no idea how I’m going to make it home for Doodle and/or what I’ll do for dinner.

Remembering what life was like before family slowed me down – priceless.

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