Miscellaneous Mementos

Our Cali trip had a few things that didn’t fit other themes and/or didn’t have any photos taken. Like the beautiful chicken salad Glenda served us on her porch overlooking Laguna Beach. Or the remainder of that afternoon when we spent time in the sand and surf at Divers Cove with only a picture of our sandcastle to show for it.

2014-05-27 14.16.00

The night spent on the town with Kimberlee and BJ enjoying the craft booths and the drinks at the Shorebreak Hotel. The hike at Bolsa Chica preserve, a great lesson in urban wildlife planning.

2014-05-28 09.59.21

The time spent wandering around downtown El Segundo, where Mickey Mouse pancakes are a popular kids meal.


Or simply enjoying our Airbnb accomodation, which included a great backyard tree swing.


I did get another beach day in by myself, but it was more like a beach hour. Found a gloriously deserted beach and reveled in what I miss most living far away from the ocean.



It was only fitting that as the sun set on our final day in Southern California, we literally and figuratively saw the beach in our rearview mirror.





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