Paul Stanley Announces Nashville Book Signing May 16

Will it ever end?

Paul Stanley Announces Nashville Book Signing May 16

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People! You wanted the best, you got … Paul Stanley!

Not long ago, the KISS singer-guitarist and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee did like Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, penning a tell-all memoir recounting his rise to fame, his backstage rock-star antics and, ultimately, trashing the fuck out of his ne’er-do-well, anti-Semitic, drug-addict former bandmates. Certainly the book — titled Face the Music: A Life Exposed — is a must-read for ranking members of the KISS Army, Nashville chapter, who will no doubt turn out in droves to attend the May 16 book signing at the West End Barnes and Noble that the Starchildjust announced.

Of course, anyone familiar with moving KISS lyrics the likes of “No place for hidin’ baby / No place to run / You pull the trigger of my / Love gun,” or “Love is sweet, so insane / Come on lick my candy cane” knows Stanley’s one helluva wordsmith. And anyone who’s ever listened to 14-plus minutes of side-splitting Starchild stage patter (after the jump) knows the dude’s quite the conversational orator as well.

Can’t make it? Well then you’ll have a chance to see Stanley (along with Simmons, not Peter Criss and not Ace Frehley) in the flesh when what’s left of KISS returns to Bridgestone Arena on a double-bill with Def Leppard July 16.

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