With Spring hitting us here in Nashville, the buds are bursting and so is the community. Nothing like yard work and walks around the neighborhood to bring folks together. We had a friend of Evie over for the afternoon and it was a delight listening to the sound of two girls just enjoying themselves as they role-played, drew pictures, jumped on the trampoline in the cold rain (and the corresponding hot chocolate warm-up), and just sitting on the sofa giggling as they shared a soft fleece blanket. The rest of her family joined us for our weekly popcorn-and-nature-show night, and with my MIL in town we had a full house. And it felt good. It reminds me that we are indeed forming community here that is deepening by the month.

The prompt for this post came from a local family that puts on communal dining events. We attended one last October (see posts here and here) and they finally put some pictures up. You can see all of them here. It was a delightful, albeit a bit cold, night and the pictures are inspiring both for the culinary art but also the community vibe. You can almost feel it even though it was only captured in memories and pictures.



Can’t wait for more sharing of tables and breaking of bread in 2014!

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