Antidote to Cabin Fever

As with most folks on the eastern side of this great nation, we’re dang tired of winter. As I write this, we’ve got an ice storm moving in that may or may not dump a 1/4″ of ice and 2″ of snow.

I’ve been noticing that I’m getting a bit stir crazy, tired of watching movies, reading books, and roasting marshmallows by the fire. I want to move, to explore, to sweat (did I really just say that?). The self-diagnosis is Cabin Fever, something that you just don’t experience on the West Coast. So what can I do? Go on my Daddy Hikes.

Some are done even in the cold, such as this day at Edwin Warner park.

Some are a respite from the cold weather, like yesterday’s journey to Long Hunter State Park’s Couchville Lake. 60 degrees and sunny! Evie set a personal record, making it the whole two miles without a shoulder ride from daddy.

And Evie enjoyed reading the educational signs.

We’ve enjoyed the bare trees and the crisp air. But we’re ready for some leaves and flowers!

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