Friday Night Beer Club & the Big 5-0

Yes, it lives again. I’ve successfully transferred the institution of FNBC to Nashville. Attended by many new friends, it went well enough that no one realized how late it was when it ended. I’m not saying how late, but it was well after midnight. Good thing most of us walked home!

2014-01-31 19.39.48

The growlers were filled with:

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (Oregon)

Good People Oatmeal Stout (Alabama)

Both had great reviews by our small panel of “experts.” Be sure and click the links for more info.

And as a special surprise, my lovely bride also made it an impromptu (and early) birthday celebration of my 50th. With table decorations by Evie and homemade cake by Kymberlee, it was an enjoyable environment and I tried hard to enjoy it! She sees this as a major milestone but I approached it with my usual “meh” reserved for most frivolities dedicated to me. I just don’t like the spotlight. But I do appreciate her making it a party!

She had asked me earlier what special way I’d like to celebrate, and since backpacking through the Balkans or climbing Kilimanjaro was out of the question, I settled for a special FNBC. Thanks to Andrew, Scott, Tim, Larry, Jay, Frazer and David for providing a small but meaningful adventure for me.

Good times, good brews, good friends. And I just don’t remember it being this blurry….

2014-01-31 22.04.12

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  1. So happy to hear that you have started up the club in Nashville. You look happy. And, you certainly don’t look 50!!!!!

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