Spontaneous Community

My wife and I are, in many ways, polar opposites like many married couples. But perhaps the most important thing we share is our love for community.

If you’ve followed my posts over the last couple of months, you know we love our neighborhood. I swear sometimes that it’s Mayberry. We took advantage of the warm (55 F) Saturday morning to spend time on our front porch. We saw three different neighbors and had great conversations, conversations we wouldn’t have had sitting on our front porch in California.

When we got back from Paul & Evie’s Saturday Hiking Adventure (with special guest Mommy), we had a couple of neighbor girls over. They live, literally, down our alley. So we get to enjoy simply sending Evie down the alley to their house to see if they want to play. No driving, no walking with her, just telling her Yes! and hearing the screen door slam as she flies out of the house and runs down the alley.

This time, the two neighbors came flying back the alley to play at our house. They all get along so well and it makes us glad we have a large upstairs playroom so the kids can romp around, play dress up, laugh, jump, and squeal, all without invading too much of any adult activities in the house.

We were about to send them home when my lovely wife suggested that the neighbors just come over to our place for dinner. We joined our meals and our families and shared a wonderful night of shared conversation, wine, food, play, performances (the girls put on three shows for us) and community. No planning, no scheduling, no logistics. Just happy girls, happy parents, and a feeling that we’re part of something special here.

2014-01-11 17.22.56

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