Monkey (Butterfly) Girl

If you can’t tell from my recent posts, I’m caught up on my photos. So many posts will be recapping things in the past such as these shots taken at Evie’s school. Her favorite thing on the playground is the monkey bars and she does it with determination, grit, and a little bit of style. Is it a coincidence that Kymberlee calls her “monkey” as a term of endearment? Somehow I think not.


Any time I drop her off for pre-school, she always wants to show me her latest victory. All the way across? Done. Backwards? Check. Skipping a rung? Working on it.


And just in case you’re wondering, these pictures were taken during her school’s fundraising event, The Elve’s Faire. So while she may be acting like a monkey, her face is clearly butterfly. She is obviously conflicted.


Categories: Fun, Local Adventure

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