Of Pictures, Books and Blogs

Most of my posts have been devoid of images or video. In this day and age, that makes me almost irrelevant. My biggest problem is that I’m a perfectionist. So instead of putting a picture up the day I shoot it, it goes into my Aperture queue on my Mac where it then sits until I have time to edit it, geo tag it, and file it away. At best I do that once a month.

I feel that this is a relic from my analog past. Not being a digital native is a growing problem in this world and it is only going to get worse. I’m envious of folks that grew up with digital photos, unlimited storage, and instant distribution and communication. They have a much freer way of dealing with the digital breadcrumbs of their life, relying more on quantity than quality, though I might take some flack on that comment.

I do try to keep up. I’ve recently changed my workflow for filing and email storage, relying on search as a way to find things instead of file or folder structure. It does free up time and so far I’ve always been able to find something if I needed it.

But back to pictures. I started the night thinking that I would process my pile of shots from the last 6-8 weeks and have a nice image rich blog. But my computer had other plans, as Aperture has slowed down to the point that it is unusable, so now I’m in the midst of repairing my picture database.

So that leaves me with the rather image free topic of reading. I finally finished my fiction book of choice last night. Signature of All Things was an OK book, maybe even a good book. It definitely had its good moments and it’s shining moments, but much of the structure was rather tedious for the ultimate message. It has done what I consider the mark of a worthwhile book – it has made me think about it even after I’m done reading it. Maybe that is why I love fiction and the way it forces our minds into other worlds and situations so we see the world from a different perspective.

So what’s next? Just like my 40 day blog challenge, I’m struggling with what to do next. Go back to magazines and non-fiction? Or do another fiction book over Christmas? Stay tuned.

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