Party Season in Nashville

We just finished our three-parties-in-two-nights dash. It started off with the official neighborhood association party on Friday night. Held at one of the magnificent houses on Central, it featured dishes and desserts from the neighbors and plently of great conversations and new friends. 

Next was our nextdoor neighbor's 5-7pm party on Saturday night. A bit more upscale in dress and sophistication, you almost felt like your were at a party in the movies. Everyone was well fed yet treated it as a pre-party for the "big"one that started at 6:30 a block away. It's almost famous here in Nashville, as the organizer and house owner seems to be well connected in the music world. Our guides last night (and the host) confirmed the story of two years ago when word got out about Steve Cropper (a friend of the host) was playing on the basement stage. They lost count after 500 people and the story ends with the police having to calm things down. 

Well, that didn't happen this year, but the house and the basement bar/stage was a stunning setting and yes, Steve Cropper was there as were a terrific house (pardon the pun) band playing standards and even a bit of Christmas music. The demographic was notably younger than the previous two parties, and us old folks headed home by 9:30 to relieve the babysitter and get some zzz's.

I just continue to be amazed at the quality of music in this town wherever you go. From churches to neighborhood parties to street musicians, it's just hard to avoid the wonderful musicians that make Nashville such a createive place to live. We're looking forward to planning our first house party, as we have to wait until it gets warm enough to use our back porch so we have room to fit people. We'll let you know when we have a date! 

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