Day 40 is Nigh

Almost as a premenition, I missed posting yesterday. Partly it was my mother-in-law’s first day here and partly it was knowing that today is day 40. I made it 40 days and missed two of them, so I’m counting this project as a success.

What I’ve been obsessing about the last two days is What now? Do I continue? The answer is definitely yes. Other questions I’m not as sure of, but this is what I want to put out there.

Audience: the primary audience is me. I’m not writing for friends or family, and I’m definitely not writing for work. I want to create more digital breadcrumbs in my life so I can look back and see various strands of life weaving into my fabric of being. I also use Foursquare for that purpose. It is more of a place diary while the blog will be a feeling diary. I also use runkeeper to track my declining biking and running exploits. They call this phenomena the quantified self, and I’m sure it will only get easier going forward. My pictures form perhaps the last leg of my digital self, as they capture the places and people in my life over time. The screensaver on our Apple TV is set for all pictures from my Apeture library, so it’s amazing to see faces and places that are part of my journey to now.

Frequency: I’m committing to three posts a week. That’s enough to keep it front of mind but not enough to be obsessive about it. I’ve proven I can fit it in without too many sacrifices with my family, friends, or work time.

So now I’ll start letting folks know about the blog and be able to set their expectations. If they want to read about a self-absorbed half-centurion, so be it.

Categories: Deep Thoughts

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