Dog is my Copilot

Maybe my last post, maybe not, but now I sit here in The Perch, Brentwood TN totally burnt out from networking here in Nashville and wishing for the freedom and fresh air of our cross country trip. As Kymberlee wrote in her post, we're now going through the harder part of our transition. No home, no job, no routine, very few friends, and simply no structure to our lives. But, just like our trip, we have several things that continue to ground us – each other, our faith, and our dog. Doodle has been the continuity between all our stops in life so far, and despite being a total pain in the butt sometimes, he's a welcome sideshow to our ever-changing big tent.

So this blog is dedicated to him. 

He did a great job adjusting to the van. He had his bed inbetween the two front seats 2012_0419_07-55-01




But often was a scout, looking for places to stop and check his p-mail. 2012_0419_11-17-14






Or liked hanging out on the dash where he could see both us and the road. 





Most importantly, he kept one of us very warm at night in the van. I'm not telling you which one of us…






But since we spent quite a bit of time out of the van, this 6 lb dog did his best adapting to the adventure. Sometimes we'd do a hike on a leash.








but most of the time he hiked in his personal bag, very content to watch the landscape go by four feet above (and four feet off) the ground.








And he wasn't limited to hiking. He helped us out in a yoga session, leading us all in the downward dog pose.






He was our adventure mate at the blue ocean






In the snowy mountains








In the colorful desert






And by beautiful lakes






He also had the slightly annoying yet comforting trait of always looking out for our return. He refused to lay down or relax if we left him in the van, and once we got closer he would start literally jumping for joy, squeaking with excitement until we were both safely seated in the van. No matter how far away we were, we could always see his ears poking up, scanning the horizon for his pack to return.






He helped us in other ways, such as making friends with strangers






And finding tracks of the mysterious creatures that inhabited the bizarre landscapes we saw. This photo show the droppings of an especially dangerous animal to small dogs, humanus toddlerus, and Doodle successfully warned us by giving it a wide berth. Look closely to see the details!






And finally, if you've made it this far in this photo blog, you'll find the best picture of the trip that simply didn't fit anywhere else. We stumbled across what can only be where my ancestors were from, as the town name echos my personal ethic!








Reluctantly, we left before I could make it Pop. 64 and we pressed on to Huntsville, cousins, and hopefully a new job, home, and community.

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  1. I’m hoping this has not been the last posting. The trip – the real trip – is hardly over, and I’d like to know how things such as job search, church hunting and all that go. Keep us informed!

  2. Wow. They made me go through a whole bunch of stuff to sign in and then it doesn’t connect to my profile pic or actual profile? Weird. The comment above and this one are from Christie Kim.

  3. I’ve enjoyed following you all around the country. I love this post!
    I hope you both keep adding to the blog. It would be great to have a sense of what’s happening as your next phase of life takes shape.

  4. Totally loved your blog about Doodle – wonderful reporting – very innovative. I miss Doodle sitting on top of my couch. Rufus doesn’t seem to miss Doodle – which is fine – I’m just grateful that he didn’t try to eat Doodle. Miss you guys!

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