Prescott, Iowa?

2012_0418_08-14-15After a mile chewing day (600+), tonight we're in Prescott, Iowa. Good luck finding it on a map without some help. Hint: look for where the tornados came through last weekend and you'll be real close. We're deep in farm country. Black dirt corn and soybean farming with a smattering of cattle, hogs, and chickens. Marketers would refer to this as Heartland, but I just say good people. The folks we're staying with, James and Marilyn, have lived on their farm for almost 50 years, farming their 87 acres of Iowa. As a wanna-be farmer, I look forward to talking more about farming with James tomorrow as they show us around the area where Kymberlee's mom and grandmother grew up. GMO seeds, crop insurance, $400K combines, and soil erosion have already been talked about, so I'll have more for you tomorrow.

One thing they don't have here is good internet or cell signal, so no pictures or videos till we get back to broadband land.

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  1. I just caught up on your last few posts. You guys are great writers – very descriptive, insightful, and entertaining! I feel like I’m out there criss-crossing the country with you. Write a book and make your millions that way 🙂

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