We're now in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, staying with Paul's Uncle Russell and Aunt Patty. The Stanley caravan (Dick, Martha, Rebekah, Kaela and Evie) had been here a week ago and Paul's cousin Misty was here Friday night, so they are getting their fill of family this month. We got in early 2012_0414_21-14-51 enough to unwind with some great homebrews (and they wonder why people want to visit…) before having a great dinner that was joined by Russ and Patty's great friends Bruce and Jeannie. What followed was, in summary, how important family is and that despite any fears and doubts we might have, we are doing a good thing. 

That was important because it's tough crossing the Continental Divide know that everything that is familiar and attractive to us is behind us. Having confirmations like this is crucial, as this trip is an emotional journey as well as a physical journey. We're heading off tomorrow to Iowa to visit Kymberlee's mom's heritage. Teena was born there so we'll be be checking out the family farm and other sites that were part of her family's history. 

So in the end this trip is about family, both the destination and the journey.

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