A Revival

7 years, a marriage and child later, this blog revives. After 5 years in the Silicon Valley, my family is relocating to Nashville in grand style. The simple story is that I've moved on from my startup of 6 years and we're taking the opportunity to move to a place that is better for our family. The longer story is, well, long and we won't be covering it here. But we'll hopefully be telling some of the journey we take from Silicon Valley to the Heartland, both physically, culturally, and most likely emotionally. Kymberlee and I will share postings and I look forward to the style contrasts. Since this is the first post, let me get a few fundamentals out of the way:

Leaving Redwood City April 6th, arriving Huntsville AL April 23rd.
Mode of transportation:
Kymberlee, Paul, and Doodle – 2001 VW Eurovan Weekender. Dude!

Leaving Redwood City April 4th, arriving Huntsville AL April 13th?
Grandma & Grandpa Stanley, Cousins Rebekah & Kaela, and Evie – Our Passat wagon and Toyota Matrix.

More to come!

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